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Environmental Compliance for Cannabis Cultivation

Hurvitz Environmental Services Inc. (HES) is a full service environmental company that can assist cannabis cultivators in complying with the Regional Water Quality Control Boards (RWQCB) requirements for Cannabis Cultivation Waste Discharges (Order # R1-2015-0023). HES has 20 years of experience working with the RWQCB and has extensive knowledge and experience in the cannabis cultivation sector. Our compliance team consists of a Certified Hydrogeologist, a Professional Civil Engineer and a qualified Wetland and Wildlife Biologist.

Environmental compliance regulations can be a burden for both large and small cultivation operations. To comply with all of the emerging environmental regulations often involves dealing with more than one Agency, as well as, performing ongoing site maintenance and inspections. In addition, many cultivation sites include steep slopes, highly erodible soils or unstable areas. Land development in these areas often requires design and oversight by a licensed engineer or geologist. Our team has the specific knowledge needed to assess a property and identify what will be required to obtain and maintain environmental compliance for your cannabis cultivation operation.

A list of our Environmental Compliance Services for Cannabis Cultivation is below.

  • Pre-Purchase Land Assessments - Our team of land use specialist can help you evaluate the readiness of a property for cultivation purposes. We can assess water quality and availability, wetland and riparian zones, property grade determinations and required setback conditions.
  • Enrollment in the RWQCB permitted cultivation program and establishment of Best Management Practices
  • Erosion Control Plans, Drainage Plans, and Soil Stabilization
  • Water Rights, Stream Diversions, and Stream Crossings
  • Rainwater Catchment/Water Storage and Irrigation Plans
  • Soil and Waste Water Management Plans
  • Water Resource Protection Plans
  • Site Remediation/Cleanup/Restoration
  • Additional Environmental and Engineering Services

HES can help Cannabis cultivators in the North Bay Region get compliant with the Water Board regulations. We are discrete and happy to discuss your project so feel free to call or e-mail us about your compliance needs.

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