Pond, Stream, and Spring Assessments

HES performs pond, stream, and spring assessments for private land owners throughout California. Our pond assessments focus on the determining ideal location and sizing of ponds as well as determining hydraulic flow characteristics required for proper spillway sizing and design.

Our stream assessments are performed to assess the anticipated 100-year storm flows, stream velocities, and the effects on stream bank erosion. These assessments are useful in sizing and designing culverted stream crossings, bridges, dams and pond spillway systems as well as for identifying areas for stream restoration.

  • Assess pond capture zones and determine annual inputs
  • Properly size and locate onstream and off stream reservoirs
  • Calculate anticipated 100-year storm flows and stream velocities for spillway and stream crossing design criteria
  • Perform assessment on surface water springs to determine appropriate spring classification
  • Perform stream depletion calculations and estimated response times resulting from well pumping
  • Erosion Assessments and Restoration Plans
  • Culvert design
  • Water quality and water level monitoring