Resource Assessment Services

We offer land/mineral, water, waste and energy assessments for both private sector and government clients.

Land and Mineral Assessments

Our expertise in geology and environmental sciences enables us to perform exploration, mapping and feasibility studies for all types of mineral resources including gravel, industrial minerals and precious metals. With our land and mineral assessments, our goal is to provide clients with a detailed evaluation of mineral resources including quantification, mineral grading, ripability, feasibility and market analysis.

We can also provide clients with short and long term land management plans, and our land assessment team can provide clients with rural and urban design services directed toward efficiency and sustainability.

Water Resource Assessments

Our water resource assessment services are designed to delineate aquifers, provide aquifer characteristics and perform aquifer testing necessary for resource calculations and infrastructure design criteria. Our water resource assessment services also include groundwater remediation and fate and transport modeling.

Waste Stream Assessments

Our waste stream assessment services are designed to minimize both impact to the environment and cost to the customer. We work with property owners to identify waste streams and through various management practices, permitting and re-use programs we reduce waste streams while increasing efficiency and sustainability.