Rainwater Catchment System Design

Did you know that 1" of rain on a 1,000 sq/ft roof can generate over 600 gallons of water?

Rainwater catchment systems (RCS) provide an independent water supply that can be used during regional water restrictions and to supplement your main water supply.

Hurvitz Environmental Services Inc. and its engineering contractors can design and install rain water catchment systems at your home or business. Our systems can be designed for irrigation and household uses and can be as small as 50 gallons or as large as 10,000-gallons. The typical household system can provide water for flushing toilets and washing clothes and the typical irrigation systems is perfect for lawns and gardens. Water treatment systems can also be installed in conjunction with the RCS to provide potable water for household domestic use.

RCS provide the following benefits

Please call us if you are interested in a free consultation regarding your rain water catchment potential. Be sure to ask us about financing options through the Sonoma County Independent Energy Program (SCIEP).